CamCard - digitize your business cards

CamCard - digitize your business cards

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App: CamCard

If you have any sort of professional career, no doubt you end up collecting a lot of business cards. Those tiny pieces of thin cardboard used to be virtual currency, especially if you’re in sales. However, more and more they are doing little more than filling our desk drawers, dusty reminders of boozy networking events or forgettable meetings concerning products you have little use for. 

But, what if you actually need one of those cards? What if one of those contacts has an actual solution and you’ve simply just forgotten about it? It can be virtually impossible to garner value from your cards without some sort of organizational tool. Dr. Pravir has found his favourite! 

CamCard allows you to quickly and easily scan-to-save your business card collection, enabling you to access and manage the details of the cards and even share your business card with other users! It becomes your own personal CRM, ensuring you’ll never go searching a desk drawer for a forgotten card again!

APP – CamCard – digitize your business cards and add to your Contacts easily WITHOUT typing in the info – 200 cards with free version

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