Your Choice for Kids Dental Care

Your Choice for Kids Dental Care

Regular dental care ensures that your child’s smile stays healthy through the years. At Churchill Meadows Dental Centre our team will treat your children as they grow and continue to treat your family like ours. We provide dental treatment for all children, including those who need a little extra time and care, in a professional, caring atmosphere.

Establishing a regular “Dental Home” for your child provides the opportunity to implement preventive dental health habits that protect your child from a dental/oral disease. New research suggests a link between dental health and overall health, which makes it even more important to develop good habits early. We focus on prevention, early detection, and treatment of dental diseases.

Not just during the first visit, but in every dental visit, your child is treated with kindness and patience. We build a personal relationship with your child to lay a foundation of good oral hygiene habits. We believe that trust and a positive attitude towards dental health begin on the very first visit while we learn about your child’s needs and previous dental experience.  Our dental team understands that every child is different, and we tailor our approach accordingly.

Our goal is to provide a positive experience through comprehensive dental care for infants, children, and adolescents in a friendly and safe environment with a focus on prevention and education.  From the first tooth to adult teeth, we welcome all new dental patients. Our goal is to provide positive experiences in all our dental offices while educating our patients about the importance of proper oral hygiene.

We look forward to providing care to you and your family!

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